1Klg Flour
125 g sugar
6-8 eggs
2 cps milk
125 g butter
50 g active dry yeast
1/4 cp brandy

Instructions: Place the warmed milk in a bowl with the butter and the yeast.
Put the flour in another large bowl, drawing to one side. On the other side of the bowl, break the eggs and add the sugar.
Beat the eggs with your hand until fluffy and gradually draw in the flour to make a Dough.
Knead, adding the milk and yeast mixture slowly. When the dough is no longer sticky and forms bubbles, add the brandy.
Cover the bowl with a towel and blanket to keep warm and rise.
When the dough rises above the rim of the bowl it is ready for use.
Dip your fingers into some milk and pull out a piece of dough.
Stretch the dough and drop into hot oil and fry until golden brown.
Drain and serve warm sprinkled with sugar.


( Recipe from “” by A. P. DeJesus)