Leitao a Bairrada ( Roasted Pig ) . Best in the area of Coimbra on your way to Porto.

Dobrada a moda do Porto ( Tripe, chourico, pork meat mixed with white beans, accompanied by rice) .

Caldeirada de Cabrito ( Stewed Kid with potatoes ).

Bife a cavalo ( fried steak with eggs done over light & french fries ).

Prego No Prato ( same as Bife a Cavalo but smaller
portion ).

Bife Grelhado com batata frita ou arroz ( broiled steak with french fries or rice ).

Frango no Churrasco ( similar to barbecue chicken with fries & salad ) . Most restaurants have it but, it's Best in the Churrascaria do Campo Grande in Lisbon , close to the Sporting Soccer Club Field in Alvalade. ( everybody knows where it is… ).


Arroz de Marisco ( Seafood rice ) similar to Paella, with no meats.

Mariscada ( seafood stew ).

Caldeirada de Peixe ( similar to the French fish stew ).
Lulas or chocos grelhado ( broiled squid or cutlefish, usually with boiled potatoes & salad ).

Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa. ( shredded salted cod layered with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, olives sweet peppers )

Bacalhau a Braz ( shredded salted cod mixed with french fries, scrambled egg , parsley, olives ).

Bacalhau na Braza ( slice of salted cod done over charcoal, with boiled potatoes & salad, olives olive oil & vinegar )

All kinds of Broilled/grilled Fresh Salt water Fish including the Popular Sardines done over charcoal.


( Recipe from “” by A. P. DeJesus)