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  • Oil and Pepper Basket
    $50.00 Oil and Pepper Basket
    Oil and Pepper Basket (products may not be exactly as in picture) 3 different varieties of olive oil1 massa de pimentao1 bottle of hot sauce1 bag of portuguesefod.com...
  • Something's Fishy
    $30.00 Something's Fishy
    5 canned fish (variety)1 Hot sauce Quinta da Avo (or similar)1 Hot Sauce Timorense (or similar)1 Saloio Olive Oil (or similar 
  • Typical Basket
    $125.00 Typical Basket
    Typical Basket 1 LB of Sao Jorge Cheese 2 Cans of Sardinhas 1 Piri-Piri Macarico (100Gr.) or similar 1 Qt. Saloio Olive Oil 1 choupal Olive Oil 1 LB of Figs 4 LB of Cod 1 Cafe Sical (250ml.) 1 Paprika...